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How to Measure Jitter with an Oscilloscope - Scopes University - (S1E5)

What is jitter and how should you troubleshoot it?
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What is jitter? In this episode of Scopes University, we continue our conversation from the previous InfiniiVision episode where we discussed How to Set Up Eye Diagrams (episode 3):

Today, you’ll learn about what jitter is, what causes it, why jitter is bad, and the basics of troubleshooting it on an oscilloscope.

First, you’ll gain an understanding of what jitter is: the deviation from where an edge crossing actually ends up compared to where it ideally should be.

Next, we’ll discuss some of the causes of jitter. Jitter can be caused by components on your board (deterministic jitter) or by uncontrollable random noise (random jitter).

Then, you’ll learn why you should care about jitter and why you should measure it on an oscilloscope. If you have too much jitter in your signal, it will cause errors in the data you transmit.

Lastly, you will get a firsthand look at the jitter analysis tool on the oscilloscope. You’ll learn how to use the capabilities to identify what it is that’s causing the jitter, as well as what you can do to fix it.

By the end of the episode you will understand how to measure jitter with a scope quickly and easily.

Tune in for future Scopes University episodes covering more oscilloscope capabilities to see how you can test more efficiently!

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The digital storage oscilloscope we used:
(The Keysight InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscope)

This oscilloscope supports the most applications of any InfiniiVision oscilloscope, including power analysis, jitter measurements, and built-in dual arbitrary waveform generators. It features a 12.1 inch touch screen display and dedicated vertical control knobs for each channel. This all makes it the value leader in price for performance.

Scopes University is hosted by Erin East and Melissa Spencer. The video series covers when and how to use different applications and capabilities of the InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes. You’ll gain familiarity with features that will help you save time in your measurement, further your analysis, and deepen your insight.

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Tim Peng : Hey can you also walk us through how to measure jitter “without” a built-in jitter analysis tool on scopes?
Ahmed Gaafar : perfecto la moriano
Hibou-53 X : I've cut the red wire on mi cable so no power...and Check here I still have some noise no so big but it's there...do (iFi iPurifier3 Filtre de signal audio et de données USB) will corect that? https://soundcloud.com/hibou53/usb-noise
Marc Panther : What shampoo do you use? I want hair like that too.
Tal Stol : I want my parents and friends to buy me this kind of scope for my next birthday.
X. Lai : Question: "20KHz TIE sinusoidal modulation has been eliminated by setting clock recovery PLL bandwidth to 200KHz." Is this a wrong statement. I think the 20KHz are well within the 200KHz PLL bandwidth and the 20KHz TIE will pass through PLL without attenuation. Please advise.
mallomar_gataffy : This is just sad...
Digital Nomad : Let me clean your jitter.
Monel Funkawitz : OMG you guys are hell bent on over-complicating stuff, abbreviating unnecessarily long terms and pimping those scopes.

"The bi-flodial crembrulators or BFC are simulated with the temponic krempt digileets or TKD. They are the same color as the omobaric sinusoidal rabbit ayenus flap or OSRAF"

Ok. Shit changes time when it is supposed to be there. The scope shows it. Look at the pretty colors. End.
Hung Trinh : Which oscilloscope model using on this video ?

Mausecam + Jitter Click Nasil Yapilir (12-13 cps GARANTI)

XNKTEAR : olm double cilk mi gibi bişeye basıyo gibi
Elyesa 10 : Ben 15 cps yapiyom logitech g300s le ama aim alamiyorum razer deathadder elite veya essentialle kac cps yaparim ?
Ve aim kolaymı
ErdemDiablo : Arkadaşlar jitter kemi erimesi yapsbilir
ZEHİR_BS : knk ayarları ne minicrafta abone oldum like attım
Bir İnsan : Abi hangi tuşla tıklyon
Enes can Çalık : Ya aga ben elimi titretemiom
JR. Kreas : mausen anasını beledin haa
Şemsettin Candemir : Aim alamiyorum nasıl alabilirim
Level Responses : Reis kolumuzu nasıl çok hızlı titretebiliriz

〔れをる〕 ジッタードール 〔歌ってみた〕

Original by niki feat Lily

Covered Vocal:Reol Mixing:Giga Illust:Key Movie:Okiku

niconico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22084318

!Reproduction prohibited./無断転載はご遠慮ください
No se que nombre poner LOL : No es por nada pero el Cover (Este cover) me parece mejor que el original:v
Martin : Ow my ear
성이름 : 레오루 버전 원곡이다
中野亜美 : よかったら見てください

ROVI_0923 : si sibes japones

la cantas

si no sabes japones solo la escuchastd porque eres otaku
Francesco Morales Guarniz : La chica de la canción es de algún anime?
Francesco Morales Guarniz : Nombre de el anime de la chica de la canción
Francesco Morales Guarniz : Name del anime de la chica de la canción
Areli Morante Venturo : alguien sabe el nombre del anime :V plis
노길준 : 독도는 우리땅




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