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Storytime | Worst audition: iPop is a scam

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Sucaloid : I feel like this is self explanatory but people forget about this when they're excited: I say do not audition for anything entertainment related if you're not prepared/ready to move to L.A. or New York. You need to actively go on auditions to make it in the entertainment industry. I tried for 3 years while living 3 hours away and it just wasn't worth driving back and forth and my family sure wasn't moving to L.A.
Margory de Leon : Bruhhhh, i passed the audition, and thanks for made this video. U safe my parent's money.
Janaye Kamal : They just told me I was accepted I-
Gayatri Ramchandran : Well im glad Im cancelling my audition which is this Saturday. Thanks :) useful
PEACE CARTER : Omg my mom just paid yesterday and we thought it was a scam and turns out it was
Avalon Rush : i just got out if my adution-
BiteMyBiscuits : I went last year to iPop auditions. (Wow it’s already been a year) Well, anyway. We auditioned because of an ad on the car radio, and I auditioned. We met the director, and I auditioned. She accepted me but I had to go to one more audition before I could go to iPop. We went to the auditioned. I memorized my line and I failed to read it because I was freaking terrified and the room was cold. She gave me 5 minutes to calm down and my mom told me, she thinks that this whole thing is a scam. My mom lied to Gea and said she was scared of crowds of people. Gea soon said that’s okay and my younger sister said that I shouldn’t go. Gia soon said “We’ll guess what little girl, you don’t get to decide if he wants to go, or not.”
We left and my moms friend got scammed. By the way, They have the No Refunds Policy
emily mota : Good evening. This is Gloria from CASTING . I would like to congratulate Kamila for her callback . I will see you tomorrow, Sunday at 11:30am PST (Pacific Standard Time). Please confirm that time works for you so I can schedule you and send you login info.
Please memorize a 60 second monologue of your own choosing for tomorrow. She will be tested on your performance and interviewing skills and we will make a decision. I'm hoping you have read all your information and discussed everything thoroughly. If you haven’t please do so before responding. If we decide to move forward please come prepared with another picture that you will send me. Please be prepared financially with credit card or check if we decide to move forward.
Please bring a recent copy of report card if possible as I may need to see that. Scheduling will be done tomorrow as well.
Please confirm by return text the following five questions. Again, make sure you have read your info booklet.

1/That time works for you? If not, what time works?

2/Grade point average in school/college? If applicable

3/Are you available to go to Los Angeles arrival January 4th 2021-January 8th 2021?
Keep in mind, only IPOP candidates would be going to Los Angeles.

4/ Which program are we testing you for? (Please refer to your info packet sent to you). All programs are listed. (Competitive, Career, or IPOP)??

5/ To your knowledge do you think that this is something she is truly committed to?

Make sure to respond to all the above questions 1-5 and confirm that this time is convenient for you. Am excited for you. Awaiting your response.
C C : (Eres española?, entonces porque rayos lo escribí en ingles hahaha) I went to an audition a loooong time ago. I felt special because out of the 500 people that went they only chose 20, I was one of those 20. I remembered getting super excited, but then, they told me we had to pay A LOT of money to go. My parents were like... this is a scam BOY!!
khazi whazi : it seems lowkey real coz like ariana was a part of it...ok maybe im a bit naive but it's worth the shot right?

iPOP REEL 2019

Take a sneak peek inside the industry's most exciting talent showcase convention - iPOP! Hundreds of aspiring actors, models, singers, and dancers from all over the world compete,and meet with agents, managers and casting directors who are looking to put them to work!
Drewbi Gang : Will see!!! I’m so pumped was the best day of my life! Hope I can do what I wanna do to help people an stuff! An learn from other’s all bout haveing fun!
Nina Garcia Macias : 23 may 2019
BiteMyBiscuits : I think one of your directors caused my sister to cry. That’s why we didn’t accept.
Nina Garcia Macias : 23 may 2019
Hugo Tremblay : Nul
Hugo Tremblay : Nul
Hugo Tremblay : Nul
Hugo Tremblay : Nul
Seth Apolonio : And if you wanna know when I went I went on July 8 -12 if I’m not mistaken
Seth Apolonio : Hi guys I’m Seth Apolonio I have passed IPOP and I got on new article and also am doing a music video with Roy Hamilton!! In my opinion IPOP is the best and wish luck for all of you who got in!


Coming to IPOP was exciting, knowing that I get to show my talent and make my dreams into a reality! I loved every single moment I had, an experience in my life that I’ll never forget! I’m happy that I got to perform, knowing everyone loved it! I promise this isn’t the last, but is just the start of my career. Thank you god,the director’s/producers of IPOP, diana, Denae, family, friends and everyone for being a part of my journey! LOVE YOU ALL AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!❤️

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SavageMisstress : I’m going to IPOP! In January!! It’s gonna be on my birthday. Thank you for giving me an idea of what it’ll be like. I’m super excited!
Lucy Herrera : have you gotten far with ipop?
Alessandra Ruby : It's actually a scam I did the online auditions and at the begining they accepted me and I was so happy until he last day I had to do a 60 second monologue online and then when I did it they told me I had to pay 9000 dollars for my mom and I to go and we were like you guys said it was free and they said yes or no and we said no the lady seem kinda rude and also they asked for my school grades and they said only As and Bs and I said I had a D they said that it was fine that they would give me a chance
Baby Ed : I was there to. I was with AMTA
Burping Girl : Found u from tiktok u are perfection❤
Lindy S : Amazing




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